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Empowerment based self-defence programs provide you with the skills and tools to navigate unsafe scenarios, defend yourself against perpetrators, and show up more empowered in your daily life. We combine both verbal, physical, and psychological techniques to provide you with a uniquely powerful experience.

Seminar structure:

Verbal self-defence will target: body language, eye contact, power-posing, boundary setting, assertiveness training, bystander affect, gender-role analysis, etc.

Physical self-defence (Level 1) will target: basic blocks, basic groundwork, striking and releasing, target points on an attacker, appropriate physical response, “hit and run” tactics, choke releases.

Physical self-defence (Level 2) will target: pressure points, grab/choke releases, punching and striking, further groundwork, kicks, 2-on-1 attacks, weapons.

We offer individual training and seminars for groups. Please contact us for more information.

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